And I’ve fallen for you London

Hello x

‘You can’t help who you fall in love with’ is one of the most commonly used statements. ‘You can’t help where you fall in love with’ however isn’t something I’ve herd out loud, not yet anyway!

My travellers moto at the moment is ‘never cry in a city you are not in love with’. Once again, the word love has creeped it’s way back in. This is something that I have had on repeat for the past coupIe of weeks now due to the fact that I have been emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted with the tears I’ve shed in such a temporary place. This place is norwich.

My new philosophy Is helping me come to realise that not every one (or every place) deserves all my heart. No matter how bored of London I was before I moved away for uni, it’s taken a lot of sad and lonely moments for me to come to the conclusion that I am secretly in love with the place.

I love London. There. I have FINALLY said it! Being here, train trecking, and street wondering is making me feel the way I used to feel about this place again. It’s such a homely and comforting feeling. Yesterday while I was on the train heading to Oxford street, there where a group of people completing some, what looked like, very exciting and juvenile ‘group bonding’ tasks.

“We need to make a suit out of news paper, can you take a picture for us when we are done please?” One lady reached over and handed me her iPhone. “It’s for work we ain’t this crazy usually!” Joked another. Although it was for their own personal work project, I’m sure everyone on the train felt a part of it! From the strangers giggling in the background to the business men making sure they weren’t obstructing space for them to complete their tasks, to myself using a random phone to record the evidence that they had worked together to do this.

Once they had left the train I had thought to myself, ‘maybe I do really love London’. To be a Londoner is not an individual title, it’s actually a group effort that requires boroughs and post codes of people to work together to create something rather special. No social issue goes ignored by a fellow Londoner, it’s evident in the media, in our art, on our underground and on the faces of the people them selves! Is there any where else like this? It’s amazing.

Once I had done my duties in Oxford street I decided to treat my self to some dim sum at Ping Pong. As I walked in and took my seat and began to scan the menu for some treats, I received a phone call from a girl I am building a fresh and new friendship with. I answered and she asked me if I was in ping pong and to look ahead. As I did she was seated at the other end of the restaurant alone. It was unbelievably random but also very exciting too. For a moment I had forgotten I was in London, my home town, and not Norwich. So to see someone I went to school with 5 years ago was actually a very up lifting feeling.

I can’t really explain it in a way that makes loads of sense but all I can say is that London is a place where I will most probably always love. Somewhere I can relate to. Somewhere I can negotiate and plan the details of my life. It is somewhere that will always have my heart, it’s a place I can cry in and know every tear and bit of pain is worth it. It’s simple. You can’t help where you fall in love with.

ShamarLoves x




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