Bobbi brown must have; lipstick love

Hello x

I was expecting sunshine today. Every year on the 20th of May there are blue skies and sun shine. I guess we won’t be getting any today unfortunately.

Anyway. Hello again! This is going to be my first beauty post. How exciting. I will keep this short and sweet, I mean, I will try to keep it short and sweet.

Okay, let’s talk.

In the past, I could never understand that love for lipstick that many women had. My earliest memory of it was when I used to spend most weekends at my grandmothers in Essex, her dressing table full of treasures and potions. I always remember picking up many different lipsticks, opening then up, and seeing, what I thought was the exact same colours over and over again?

To a child, tone does not mean a thing. I remember thinking “why does nana have so many red and brown lipstick” when really they were colours like maroon, morocco, Ox blood and passion.

My love for lipstick definitely has been inspired by my mother and grandmother. Although they are both a darker completion to me, their taste in lipstick colour has always been tasteful, flattering and sophisticated. I’m still finding my way.

There are colours I would love to explore ! I’m not entirely sure if they would do me any favours at all but I guess it’s worth a try. So far many of my lipstick colours have pretty much been trial and error. Right now however, I am wearing one that I feel like will stick with me for a very long time.

The lipstick is soft coral by bobbi brown.

Quite a few people at my work place use the one that is a shade lighter called salmon. Salmon is light classy and extremely feminine, this shade will definitely be my next buy! However, people I know who use it find that it is just a little too light for them. An olive skinned Scottish friend of mine found it wasn’t right for her but has been convinced to try out the same one I use. Another friend from Hong Kong says she absolutely adores her bobbi brown lipstick in salmon and is on her 8th one! I must admit it does look ah-maze on her.

For now I will stick to using soft coral as and when ever it is appropriate. I would recommend this soft and silky, long lasting, slightly moisturising lippy. You won’t regret it !

ShamarLoves x





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