Dr. Organic Deo


Vitamin E is one of my fave things to use and I have always used things that contain it! I’ve been using doctor organic deodorant for a long time now and thought it would be only right to finally try out the vitamin e one. In the past I have used lavender, which smells beautiful and does the job, pomegranate, which also smells lush and is full of antioxidants which helps keep skin looking youthful and tight. I have also used the aloe Vera one which, but that was a long time ago so can’t really remember what that one was like.

The vitamin e one that I am using at the moment smells so Devine. His deodorant products are aluminium free, alcohol free, para been free and sls free! These things are important to me when it comes to deodorant since it is a substance that is used very near breast tissues.
This deo describes it’s self as being soothe and hydrating and I couldn’t agree more! Unfortunately it may be too hydrating for some. It is a little bit for me! It takes longer to dry than the other ones I’ve used in the past and you can feel the oil base when using it, which isn’t a bad thing, but on a summers morning it most prob would have to be the first thing you put on rather than than one of the last. I do really like this product but during summer days, I think it would be best to use lavender or any one that may dry out a lot quicker !



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