Hello Aloe

Hello x

Have you seen and herd about the aloe vera drink craze all over social media? People posting photos of them selves with a bottle or drinking it, tweeting how good it is, tweeting about trying it for the first time and loving it? Trends can be the strangest thing if you ask me! A drink, an aloe vera based drink is officially the ah-maze thing right now guise (apparently) .

For as long as I’ve known my best friend, she has always had a dark green bottle of water handy with her. It was a Vietnamese water bottle of course. “What is that?” one of us would ask out of curiosity before asking to have any just invade it was something too exotic for us to handle, “it’s water” she would reply looking at us as if we are supposed to be able to read Vietnamese by then. In one moment of thirst many years ago I had asked her for some water at her house. Her being as lazy and slightly aggressive as she is pointed to this dark green bottle followed by “there’s some there?!” In a kind of ‘how much more obviousness can it be that there is already water in my room’ kind of tone. I reached over to the bottle and looked at the label. Of course I can not read Vietnamese

(not as well as I can speak it which also isn’t too well)

but looking at the image of an aloe plant told me everything. “This is aloe Vera water?” “Yes….. it’s water” “does it taste any different?” “No man just drink it!” A conversation a little like that took place. It was bitter, you could taste the freshness of the doing water in it, but it was bitter. So that’s how she keeps beautiful? I think that was one of the first beauty secrets I found out about my dear best friend.

As a child aloe was also a beauty secret within my house hold. We would use the jelly for face masks and I would rub it on to my skin that was being exposed to sun light before playing outside. I remember how yucky the feeling was smuggling cold jelly over my face, but also how cool it was when it used to dry out making my face super tight and frozen! I still use it as a face mask and earlier this week was even using it as a primer before I put any make up on! I stopped because it had gotten to about Wednesday and I had no where to go that required me even wearing any make up.

I bought some aloe vera to make a drink, well a smoothie. Soon came to realise that the jelly from the plant was turning the whole drink it to.. Well.. Jelly? After adding aloe, pomegranate, strawberries, blue berries and a tea spoon of sugar I then boiled up a tea pot full of oolong tea, which is like a black green tea I believe? After adding the tea it had turned my fruit jelly to an actual drink. Which turned out to be refreshing, tasty, and one hell of a super drink!!!! You could just taste the minerals and vitamins and antioxidants working their magic! Such a magnificent combination! This week I will do the aloe vera primer test and make a post about the results and if I recommend it or not.

But remember health trends are just ‘trends’, if your heart is fully passionate about a product or an ingredient then deconstruct it in a way that suits you. Before you go and pick up a bottle of random aloe drink think about what else it might have in it. Think about what you could put into it to make it right for you, not just for a period of time, but so it benefits you and your health always.






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