ESTĒE LAUDER Idealist Cooling EYE Illuminator


My best friend is always away with the fairies, so much so, that she left her Neals Yard eye cream and night cream that she had just bought on the bus. This made me laugh because the next day she replaced them both like it was absolutely nothing!

I had never really understood the benefits of using eye creams for myself. I often find myself stereotypically saying “it’s only for the older and ageing lady”, which defo is not true! It is more than important to look after your eyes everyday possible. This is only the second eye product I have ever used on myself. The first one being a branch off of the face product ‘vita zing’ by origins. It did make a healthy difference visually but once you miss a day of using it, be sure to know you will most definitely know about it.

I have had this product for about two months now but have used it on and off. I think it’s time to add this one to the list of things to test ! Stay updated ! Shall let you know how it goes !


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