Words In Your Head part 1.


“Words are powerful” now how many times have you herd that saying? When do you ever take a second to really evaluate what it actually means to you? I know I hardly had ever or did. The first time that saying really hit me deeply was when I was at church and the topic at one service was about using words to change a life. At first I thought it would of been a topic that would of put me straight to sleep, but after giving it a chance I came to realise that it is very true. Yes Jesus used words all the time to get into people’s hearts and minds and yes it is obviously true that certain things that people say to you can hover over your head for almost a life time; but it wasn’t until I herd the speaker say “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you…… WRONG! That is the worst and most false saying known to man? What a lie?” It really got me thinking. The things people say can do so much to your soul that you probley wouldn’t even know it until years of digging up issues , or positives within yourself.

Words are powerful and sub consciously we all know it. The things we say to others is one thing. We know what we are saying and when we don’t it often hangs over our heads once realised what was said in negative and even positive situations. However, do we know what we are saying to ourselves? When something doesn’t go right do you blame your self? Call your self names and play the blame game where the contestants are you, you and you? “Why did you do that? Now you know your not going to get anywhere with that now. Look at you. Ah you’ve done it again. Might as well give up, you was never good enough anyway. No one wants you to be a part of it anyway. Just don’t bother trying anymore” When do you ever say “That’s enough, you tried, you learnt, you can do better next time!” Or “that didnt go too well, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world, everyone appreciates what you’ve done for them anyway” or even ” oh well I’m glad I tried that that way, I’m going to do so well next time!” A change in attitude and words in your conversing mind can change how you feel in your day to day life. What you think you are you will become.

I often found myself telling myself that I was a bad friend, I don’t get inspired, I’m not creative, I’m un attractive, and I’m not good enough for god every single day of my life. If there was any hope in a change of attitude it would soon turn to negativity again once I made what I call a “life mistake” ( which often are things so so so small escalated in my mind to seem like the apocalypse). Until one day when I just had enough of hearing myself repeatedly saying these things and decided I am going to turn this negativity around for good. It started with simply playing “The Glad Game”, a game that the character Pollyanna, from the Disney classic Pollyanna, often played and had inspired others to play it when in times of sadness or doubt to prevent a string of negative thoughts. “I’m glad that my friends have me as a friend because I’m such a good listener and very understanding. I’m glad I see the beauty in life no matter where I am, it allows me to gain inspiration from day to day life. I’m glad I had done an art course instead of just a fashion course in college, it really allows me to see fashion in a more creative and diverse perspective. I’m glad I have the ability and knowledge on how to make myself look better not just to others but also to myself. I’m glad Christ died on the cross in the name of the human race. It must mean he really loves me and that I will always be loved by The Lord.

Do you see how powerful that is? Just writing that out made me feel so liberated. It’s magical. Your thoughts and your minds words will change your life. Daily I tell myself I’m going to be successful. Daily I tell myself I can be as good as I want to. Pinpointing insecurities that float around in your mind will make you evaluate so much about yourself. It’s an emotional breakthrough that will leave you waking up and saying “wow, thank you for being amazing. Today I will continue being AMAZING!”


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