Zara heels


After a month of debating weather or not I should invest in these heels, I finally gave in and ordered them online.

I received them two days after ordering but they did not blow me away like I thought they would. I opens the box and immediately noticed the poor quality with glue splurging out the side and the leather looking very cheap. I really loved the style of the shoes and truely believed I could make them look quite classy and sassy. I was wrong.

The good thing about the shoes is they were very comfortable to walk in and feel a little more stable than you would imagine. However, the quality and the fact the zip at the back gets stuck all the time lets them down alot.

I also felt that these pair of shoes sexualised my style in a way I didn’t feel too comfortable with as strange as it sounds! It sexed up my outfit way too much and I was only wearing a pair of shorts and a plain white top ! For some, they may be exactly what their looking for to show a more sexy side of them. For myself, I prefer a more subtle kind of sexy, something that is defiantly not just thrown in your face like ” LOOK! IM SO SEXY GUYS!” Not my thing at all lol.

I still think these shoes are lovely and would look amazing on the right lady with the right kind of style, but for me, I felt they done me no favours at all sadly. And for £60 , I don’t think that’s good enough.






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