LFW Orla Kiely’s presentation set


Hello x

Fashion week so far has been everything I’ve expected it to be; stylish, glamorous, tiring, draining, exciting and insightful. Working as an intern for a fashion show isn’t something new to me as I had worked backstage earlier in the year. However, working for at an intimate and personal presentation was. A sort of safari camp theme was one of the main attractions at Orla Kiely’s presentation show today and what an inspirational theme it was! The atmosphere was something quite loved by the standing guests waiting in at isolation for the show to begin. It was set from outside in the que when and college and I handed out cartons of the vintage juice drink Umbargo !

Once you reached the stairs the first thing you hear is a recording of a tropical forest with the sounds of birds and monkeys. Champagne on the far table , first thing you are greeted with is a life size zebra and rhino which adds excitement and fascination to air! The set was beautiful and really worked! It’s definitely set the bar of expectations high for the presentation I go to !

Shamar x





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