Fantastic Four


These drinks are my fantastic four! There are amazing beneficial reasons why I have included each of these to my diet this year and have been inspired to find more healthy super drinks like them ! I have always been drawn to anything that is supposed to help improve the way your body works from the inside out. From seeds to fruit to Chinese teas, I’m all for it! Lately drinks have been my obsession for the simple fact that I do not take in enough fluid on a daily basis. My younger sister is always curious to find out what I’m drinking when ever I fill the fridge with unusual bottles of drinks or If I’ve made green or pink smoothies what contain raw vegetables, oolong tea and super berries. She’s sitting next to me and asking these questions which I thought would help with this post. Enjoy my mini interview by my 10 year old sister !

What are those drinks?

The first one in the top left is jasmine pearl tea. Next to it is Zinco coconut water, lower left ginseng up,and the last one is mangajo pomegranate and greentea.

Why did you pick those drinks?

Because they contain ingredients that I am quite passionate about using. I would love use more things weather it’s cream, shampoo, food or anything which contains green tea, pomegranate, coconut, ginseng or jasmine!

Why did you pick the weird ones and not like orange juice and apple juice, that’s healthy?

Haha, they are not weird just good for you! Of course apple and orange juice is good for you too. When ever I feel like I’m low in vitamin C and A then yeah they do get included in my smoothies!

Do you think these drinks will be popular by others?

Hmm, they probably already are? However I feel that once people begin to understand what these sort health drinks can do for your skin and stuff then they may become so much more popular.

Which is your favourite?

Right now i think it’s the green tea and pomegranate drink?

Why is it your favourite?

I can literally feel the antioxidants working their magic from that drink haha! I love green tea and anything with green tea in it is defo a friend to my system ! Plus it taste amazing so no faults there!

Where are they from?

The jasmine pearl tea is something I always get at Ping Pong dim sum restaurant. You can get them from Chinese food stores but I’m not 100% sure where exactly any are located. The Zinco and Mangajo drink was something I came across in my local Waitrose. Ginseng Up is a popular drink in Trinidad and Tobago and as soon as i had read the ingredients I knew I needed it in my life haha! It literally had four ingredients ( I can’t remember what they all were ) and one was pure Korean ginseng. Ginseng is so hard to find here ! I drink the tea but it’s like concentrated and compressed into dissolvable pellets.

Do the drinks make your skin healthy too?

That’s one of the main benefits of them all! Of course if you were to have them pure it would be alot more beneficial which I do when ever I can. Green tea I try to have daily but that’s for the simple reason that I LOVE IT. But yes, antioxidants are defo the one for tight and bright skin!


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