Vintage kinda chic or something

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Thoughts in their correct order when I arrive in Southend: 1. I need to have a nap 2. I miss nana so much ! 3. Hmm I wonder what she has in her wardrobe for me? 4. Free vintage shopping wooohoo !!

And then the rest of my thoughts are about how I could convince my grandmother to let me “borrow” her camel ankle length cashmere coat.


Shopping for vintage goods is a fab thing to do but there is nothing like remerging through your nans collection of amazing buys that become more fabulous with age.

Although I couldn’t persuade her that giving me her cashmere which could help liberate and sophisticate my style, she simply wasn’t buying it. She was able to give me a long grey slightly over sized greg blazer which I instantly fell in love with! It reminded me of an Richard Nicoll one that I had seen a lady wearing backstage at his show.

My nans shoe collection has always had my interest ever since I could remember. She had a collection of shoes lined up in the spare room that she no longer wanted. There was a gold pair that instantly blew me away. Not in the best condition but I was still able to picture many ways to dress the beauties! They remind me of something you can get in Zara at the moment. They are kinda dressy but I never know the difference between dressy and casual, so they may end up in my life on a day to day basis! I love these and shall be keeping them for as long as they will last. Now I need a reason to prance around in them !

Shamar xx






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