Get well now!


I love tea and usually love trying and drinking new teas. One tea however that I try to avoid at all costs is ginger tea. It’s always been something I would only have during symptoms or having a cold. I honestly can’t stand it but I must admit that it works wonders. Before you run out and find some pure ginger tea though you need to know that it is not the only ingredient in my ‘West Indian remedy’. I’m never sick for longer than 2 days after downing a few mugs of these during times of illness, and drinking it daily (not that I would) helps prevent from getting any harsh colds (so I’ve been told). It contains two tea bags of Jamaican ginger tea, half a lemon, a table spoon of honey and most importantly a shot of brown Trinidadian rum! It’s always worked for me although I hate drinking it, but there I’m always one to do anything to get rid of a cold.


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