Skin care faves

Hello x

It’s been ages since I’ve posted and I’m so sorry ! Been super busy using every possible moment to try get myself together for some projects that will be happening soon.

I wanted to just do a quick post about some of the skin care products I’ve been using lately.

I’ve really been into aveda stuff and I have a couple of bits and pieces I use often. I mostly use their hair care stuff but my mum bought me a skin care set quite recently which I love! I have been using it day and night and try to use the moisturiser rather than swapping and changing between different face creams and natural oils. It’s been working pretty well for me and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of changing over to aveda products for their skin.

It’s called the Botantical Kinetics and it’s described as a ‘4 step skin care kit to balance oil’. It comes with hydrating lotion that ‘hydrates for supple skin’, exfoliant that ‘removes dull surface cells’, toning mist that ‘helps balance and refresh, skin and lastly the purifying gel cleanser that helps ‘remove oil and impurities.

For me this set has worked wonders! I still get the odd break out since it’s only natural but it has mostly been very good for me!





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