Its a YES For HDO South Woodford

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Waiting In complete anticipation the residents of South Woodford’s newest housing complex had been eager to find out who had taken on the challenge of completely transforming the, what once was an letting agents building that was sat at the end of Queen Marys Avenue.

After I had come back from a well deserved Month in the West Indies my brother had informed me that the exterior of the place had been completely transformed (obviously one of the most exciting things that had happen while I was away) and the interior was almost finished according to his brief observations. The building had be re designed into a chic and stylish cafe/bar/chill place, perfectly located opposite Funky Mojo’s club and only a 5 minuet walk from South Woodford train station. The little place of course is HDO.

I first tried this place out a couple weeks after it had officially opened with a friend of mine. We enjoyed minimalist finger food that at a reasonable price and also had a few cocktails and margaritas too. The prices were very reasonable starting at about £5 (estimate, would be best to find out via twitter or their website) and generous portions.  It is a fab place to go for quiet drinks during the early hours of the evening and also a great place to go if you want to go TOWIE star spotting (since one of the reality stars works there).


The interior is very modern and has an amazing ‘Hint of London’ feel to it with the stylish and sleek white colour scheme and the glowing stools and chairs and the outside balcony that also glows with chic lighting. Its kind of like London meets St Tropaz meets Ibiza Meets Essex as crazy as it sounds. It brings good vibes, good food, chilled music, great atmosphere and nice drinks. If your ever in that part of town I would recommend going there. I have never been during the day but it seems like the perfect place to grab a coffee and just catch up on calls, work and friends during that time.







Photos from Google and the last photo is mine. 🙂



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