What I’ve got my eyes on this week!

Its hard to stay focused at work when you are always on a computer and all you can think about is bags, shoes, hats, dresses, coats, and everything else that there is to wear in the world! Distraction is beyond at the moment. There are a few things I have my eyes on and think I need to really think hard about what is a must and what isn’t. Not that that’s going to help me in this situation because I still want it all right now! I have just put together a list of 5 things that I feel like I need in my life some time very very very soon! Christmas is round the corner and Santa (or should I say Shamar) knows I have been such an angel this year… I think 🙂 


1. Larsson And Jennings Silver Metal Watch 






2. Zara Jump Suit 




3. KENZO Flying Tiger New Era Cap




4. ASOS Crop Top With Boxy Kimono Sleeves




5. Zara Gold Ankle Boots




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