I Love.. Things That Come In Threes!


Hello x

It’s the season to look out for bargains, special offers and keep an eye out for next seasons hot new trends. After spending most my day in people traffic yesterday in Westfield I came to the conclusion that neither of those things will be spotted by me any time soon, as I spent most my time day dreaming of being anywhere but in a Zara crowd and spent the other half of my time people watching wondering why anyone would of left there house for pure people traffic.

I was quite proud of myself to think that I didnt spend every last penny I had in any of my fave shops actually, so all that day dreaming and people want hong had done me good (or done my bank account good even)!

I often try stay clear of beauty products during sale period too because I find that I will often ‘impulse bye’ rather than ‘think buy’ which can be very annoying once I realise I do not need the product and when I also realise how much I don’t like it. Yesterday while I had poped into Superdrug with my friend I remembered there was a special offer on the ‘I Love..’ products. It was three for £5 on their shower gels, body spritz, body creams and body scrubs! I used to really like their creams and scrubs but found it very difficult to find them in the past. I had once come across the creams in a pound shop and stocked up on them, however when I did need some more I couldn’t find them anywhere ! A year or so after that they had a shopping cart website and also a stock list and I was very happy to know they were being stocked in Superdrug.

The ones I had bought were Mango and Papaya, Strawberry and Cream and Raspberry and Blueberry! (The mango one being my fave !) They smell so fruity and feel so creamy! If like me you moisturise ALOT use loads of it then I would definitely recommend these beauts! They are such a treat and smell very nice. I sometimes find that some creams can be very heavy when they have such strong flavours added to them but the I Love.. creams are just the perfect consistency and feel nice and light once moisturised on.


Such a wonderful smell ! If you like something quite sweet smelling and fruity then this one would be great to try out!


Mango and Papaya is my fave ! Such a sweet, refreshing and tropical smell! Reminds me that there is such thing as summer and there is such thing as white sand and blue seas haha!


This one is a tad less craemy than the others but don’t be put off! It’s still very moisturising and smells great! It has a lovely kinda spring subtle and sophisticated smell to it. It would be too over powering with any other combination of scents.

Take a little look at their cosmetics 🙂


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