Caribbean Green Tea (Yes I said Caribbean)


Hello! x

It’s tea time! Every morning I make time for a cuppa, every evening I make time for a cuppa. Since I still live at home (and my parents literally do everything including buying the best selections of teas!!) it’s always a surprise opening the tea cupboard and finding something new and exotic.

Green tea is one of my faves and I usually drink it every day. I stick to the usual Twilings or supermarket branded green tea but once in a while venture out to try something new. A few days ago Dalgety Caribbean Pure Green tea randomly appeared in the tea cupboard. My instant wonder was if it would taste like the not so appetising Ginger tea that I force myself to drink when i am ill. That simply was the most ignorant thought as no other flavour tea that we have in this brand tastes like ginger tea, simply a dumb moment.

I was a little skeptical about trying out this brand of green tea but I’m definitely glad I did! So refreshing, strong and floral. I love it. Any tea lover could easily fall in live with this brand of tea as their flavours are so pure and organic that they leave you wanting more! If you see this brand about don’t hesitate to pick it up and give it a try. It’s simply wonderful and is now my number one brand of green tea!

Shamar xx




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