My Last Few Weekends

Hello x

“Get me one please please please.” “Are you sure?” “Yes!!… Or…. Maybe we should get one?… Actually let’s get two!” “Alright. Let’s just do it” “yaaayyyyy!!!!…. Oh wait… I don’t think i like cycling?” My boyfriends face after that statement was one that should of been caught on camera. Priceless. I was only telling the truth? I don’t like cycling! However, it was an exciting a cute thing to do that weekend. We don’t get to spend that much time together as we both have a lot of realisabilities during the week. I guess it helps us really appreciate the time we do spend together doing silly things or eating or spontaneously cycling around on Boris bikes in Canary Whalf on a Saturday afternoon!!




On the Sunday I went to Columbia Road flower market in Bethnal Green. I felt like I needed some beaut down time in a place that I once loved. I used to spend a lot of Sunday mornings at this place and being there again reminded me why I loved it so much. The smell of fresh flowers, the market man banter, the indie atmosphere and live music. It’s a nice place to spend your Sunday mornings and very easy to get to. The road I take too allowed me to get up close to some Bansky which I always appreciate when I’m in that part of the town.








There are also wonderful little boutiques behind the market. I went into all of them but this one was selling beautiful Staffordshire teapots which I could not resist! I ended up buying a small one with wild flowers on it.

5 mins walk from Columbia road is Hackney City farm. Me being obsessed with sheep, obviously had to go. It was fun and found myself just standing by the sheep for a good 20 mins just admiring their fluffiness!









SO! The weekend just gone was a very spontaneous and funny one. I got to spend the afternoon and evening with my dear friend Star who I met at an Alpha course party at church. We started at Covent Gardens All Bar One where we had champagne and burgers! We then headed to a roof bar called ME Bar in Strand and also went for a drink at the Savoy hotel also in Strand. It was really nice as I have not been to these places prior that day but it’s definitely somewhere I would love to go again. Sadly I don’t have any pics from ME Bar but these are some from Savoy and All Bar One 🙂











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