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Hello x

What an eventful morning it has been already. Coming out of the station I saw the most precious French bulldog sitting by its owner. As I looked up I had realised the owner was only Sammi from Beautycrush. I was in a rush to get to My Wild Hearts studio so in that moment it was only natural to call up my friend Charlotte and have my fan girl moment on the phone. On my way back to the station I saw her again which had to be a sign from God or something as I was thinking about the odds of seeing her again just before I did! This time I actually got to speak to her and introduce myself and meet the person (other than my good friend Charlotte) who really inspired me to start blogging.

So, I spent late morning in the designers studio having philosophical conversations about life and fashion. The designer herself was an inspiring and wonderful women who is working on her beautiful and and exciting label. I left her studio feeling motivated and determined to let go of fear, and hold on to my “decision” to go into the fashion industry, rather than holding on to the “feelings” that circle round me a when I’m trying to embrace my calling.

I can promise you that this post was supposed to be about my outfit of the day really, a little carried away maybe? When I left it wasn’t as hot as it is right now so I decided to cover up and through on a light camel cardie jacket thingy from Topshop. My bag, I had bought this from H&M in the sale and absolutely loved the studded detail! I literally live in black (at work, when socialising, when on a night out) so when I get a chance anything that will jazz up the ordinary plain black that I am in will be worn!! I chose to try and ‘lighten up’ my look today by wearing a white sheer, long shirt and throwing over my camel jacket thing. I also wore my chunky platforms too. I wasn’t too sure about this outfit but think it may have been okay as when I bumped into Sammi the second time one of the first things she said was she noticed me earlier and thought to herself that she really liked my style! Compliment of the year from blogger royalty! Haha 🙂








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