So Resort.

Hello x

I feel so confused with spring summer fashion every single year. Quite an odd statement.. I know. Whenever spring and summer trends hit the shops it’s like wow how lovely but then I come across more articles about wearing stripes and spring macs and summer khakis than I do on how to wear May Metallics or 50’s skirts and so on. Maybe it’s me not reading the right things, I don’t know maybe it is.

One trend that I feel has had the major recognition that it truly deserves is the resort style slip on style sandals. I am truly in love with this trend and hope I get to rock a pair when the weather gets better. At first when I came across them I kinda thought to myself , ‘will I fall victim to this trend?’ And yes; I have. They are he kinda shoe that you may feel you need in every colour, shape, size, texture, and print until you find ‘the ones’. However, shopping wisely and thoughtfully instead of impulsively could leave you with a timeless, easy to wear pair of shoes that you can get a great deal of wear out of during the better seasons.

They can be a turn off when u think too hard about what you can wear them with. A few weeks ago I was in the train and had seen a women layered up in a mac and chunky scarf with a leather tote and calico shopper, she had leggings on and a pair of chunky slip on sandals. She looked amazing and it defo looked extremely effortless and stylish.



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