Sunday Drug Store Haul


Hi guys!

Today is my kind of Sunday. Full of sunshine, snacks, simplicity and movies from the noughties! Earlier on today while I was on my way back home, I was debating whether or not I should make my way down to Columbia road to stroll around the beautiful flower market to enjoy the little bit of sun we have. I clearly decided against it and instead just strolled along my high street near home to pick up some bits. I’m sure we all know that feeling of having something we want to buy on our mind, but ending up buying more than we actually need. (Oops) Yes, that was me today. I headed to Boots to buy a simple cheap liquid highlighter as I am using a powder one by Bobbie Brown at the mo, and it can apply a little dry. The one I picked up was Seventeen 3 Way Highlighter. I haven’t properly tested it yet but when I did in store, it applied a little fair but I added a little bronzer to it and it looked really pretty. I also picked up my standard eye brow pencil that I have used for a few years now. I have only ever bought one other brand eyebrow pencil just to test the waters a little, which didn’t work out too well. Since then I’ve always used Rimmel London’s dark brown eye brow pencil. The last thing I bought was two natural collection lip sticks. I haven’t used this brand since I was about 15 but they were on special offer (two for £3.50) so thought I would try out a couple natural colours.

To end my little Sunday stroll in the sun I popped into waitrose to get some flowers for my room. I chose some beautiful large Chrysanthemums. My absolute favourites! Perfect choice for this all white minimal room I’m living in.




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