A Face For Singapore

Hello x

So, I have been in Singapore now for the past 9 days and feel I have finally gotten the ’26 degrees + make up face’ right now. Finally. Yes, it did only take me 9 days to work this one out.

I started off trying to use my Estée Lauder compressed powder (not the actual name) but found it was way to heavy to use daily and quite unnecessary to say the least. For a while now I have been slowly trying to incorporate some Dior make up into my collection. I’m not a massive brand person and usually go for what feels good and works for me, rather than name and status. I will go into why I am becoming a tiny bit obsessed with Dior in one of my next posts.

Anyway. What I was trying to say was i changed over to my Dior Nude Compact which is light, radiant and has an impeccable flawless finish (which is important when taking a million holiday shots). I usually use this for work on my lazier makeup days sadly, and also weekends, which are my other lazy make up days as you may have guessed before I even had to explain myself.

Before this I use Clarins Pore Minimising Serum. This is said to refine and smooth skin texture which I can totally confirm! It is an easy, light on, light weight serum that lasts ages as you only need small quantities of it. This serum feels amazing on and honestly I have felt comfortable wearing just the serum alone or wearing it with with powder and bronzer on.

My highlighting routine at home is pretty basic to some extent. Powder goes on, bronzer, blusher then highlighter… Okay in my head it sounds pretty basic. To do that routine in he face me,ting weather would only be crazy! So I decide to take it down a whole lot and only put on bronzer, sometimes. The reason my home routine is so.. dramatic.. Is because the products I do use are light and airy. I use the Bobbie Brown Nude Glow Shimmer Brick Compact. It has four shades on one brick which makes the finish so defining!

It may seem crazy to attempt to do your face in such warm weather but my advice would be to stick to the simple things when you are in such a warm place. Go for things that contradict your skin type slightly, no too much, just slightly. I have a slightly oily T zone so my best bet was to go for stuff that is a little dry. My home make up routine consists of a mix of products, some dry, some moisturising, some neutral. This is because I do have combination skin. I basically did pic out my favourite pieces and analyse if they would work together. This is something I would recommend trying before you get to your destination… Or you may find yourself spending 9 days working it out!

Hope you found my experience useful.

Love shamar x



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