4 Ways To Effortlessly Unwind

Do you ever have those after work moments where you just feel like you cant unwind from the day you’ve just had? these past few months I’ve been feeling like its the biggest effort for me to just let go of my day and my thoughts regarding work. This issue was ongoing for a while to the point where i started DREAMING about my next day or the day i had previous. Obviously this anxiety began to make me very unhappy and left me demotivated and under performing and i knew something had to change promptly and effectively.

I tried a few things for a while to help me just reach a point where i can at least relax just a little bit. I read a load of articles and considered things from going to yoga class to going for a swim at my local leisure center. I kind of thought to myself ‘why make such an effort to relax? surly it should be alot more simple than this?’ I tried to keep my strategies closer to home rather than going well out of my way to disconnect from work.

These are a few ways that  have really helped me just completely wind down during the evenings. They are nothing extravagant or super exciting but simple, effortless ways that can allow my mind to reconnect with myself rather than with the world.

1. Make a cuppa… but only with reason!

Whether its a cup of camomile tea to help you sleep or a cup of green tea to boost those antioxidants, always make a cup of tea for reason. Drink something that will make you feel good and that has health benefits.

2. Pet therapy

Yes, I said pet therapy! This has been something that really helps. I have 4 rabbits and two cats and even if its having them in my presence, it creates a kinda relaxing and easy mood. Its always nice to sit with one of my bunnies with a cup of tea and something to catch up on the TV.

3. Catch up on your 5 a day

i’m the kind of eater who needs to pick a bits and pieces through out the day to eat. I can only eat during my breaks and at lunch at work so I don’t get the opportunity to do this. As soon as i get home i always crave any kind of fruit or vegetable. The quickest and easiest way to deal with this craving is to through everything to a juicer and make a super healthy smoothie. If you don’t own a smoothie maker or juicer then you can always just chop up some raw veg and fruit and pick at it during the evening. Has such a feel good factor

4. Quiet on the outside, reflection on the inside

This is something that i used to find myself doing all sorts of times during the day. It can be very distracting in the working environment and it is definitely something that has a time and a place. I started to ‘reserve’ these thoughts for the evening by writing down short notes or words during the day that would help me remember what it is i want to reflect on later on. This silent moment of reflection can always be done in the bath, or after reading a few chapters of your favorite book but never while in bed. Even if it means you spend most of your evening sitting down with the tv off and your phone face down on the floor and with a note pad in your lap jotting down your most insightful notes, just make sure its not done while you are tucked up in bed about to shut off completely from the world.

I hope my 4 points kind of give you an idea and insight on how you can effortlessly unwind with out even having to go out of your way too much to do so.

Love Shamar x


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