Spontaneous Post: Style Liberation

For the first time in my life, my style is beginning to make me feel liberated. As I walk along the ice cold streets of South Woodford tapping this away straight on to my iPhone, I continuously get a glance at my black and red new Balance Runs.

I am slowly approaching Tesco where I will be picking up an online order of storage boxes and bedding but that’s not important right now, nor is the fact that my fingers are tingling in this gripping cold, nor is the fact that every night stranger I have passed so far has looked me up and down trying to comprehend maybe my wardrobe choices or the fact that I am walking 2.5 miles an hour in this glistening cold. Who really cares. I know I don’t.

There has not been a time in my life when i felt sure, secure and so confident in putting my clothes together. I feel the cold bite on my stomach as the temperature contrast approaches as I walk through the doors of Tesco. Yes, I am in a crop top. With high waisted black loose fitting trousers, an oversized Primark coat, Forever 21 grey felt baseball cap and an oversized black faux fur throw round scarf. What can I say.. I feel completely liberated in this. There have been many times when I have been too concerned of what the highstreet are wearing or what over bloggers are wearing or what people in the streets of London may be thinking when they see what I have on.

In my recent days I feel the first and only thought in the mornings is now about greeting to work on time and packing my lunch rather than the well known cliche thought of “what am I going to wear today”. This may have been achieved because I have now made that my evening thought, which takes less effort to think about and less time to choose. I base my choices around one piece. “I really wanna wear my doc martens tomorrow?” So the ideas begin to flow. The keywords subconsciously pop up immediately, “subtle, feminine, boho rock chic, dark, textures”. I’m not saying these are organised thoughts but they could definitely be helpful and have been for me to minimise the time spent on choosing outfits.

I only get to wear what I want during my daily commute and weekends so just knowing I can finally dress with confidence makes me appreciate my taste just that little bit more. If you are feeling the style blues then it’s time to get even. Dress appropriately, accordingly, and confidently. Plan your key piece and work the whole DAY around that. A little bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. Let your style liberate you, shake off those wardrobe blues.

Love Shamar x


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