Aveda vs. Origins: Face Mask Guide 

It is essential to find a good face ask. I am on top of my game when it comes to home made masks but sometime I like to make less of an effort, and just have it ready made in a tube and ready to apply. 

I don’t like to experiment much on new face masks as I have been using them since my very first trip to origins as a kid. The past couple of years my family and I have been using quite a lot of Aveda products and that’s face masks included. In this post I am going to talk a little about the collections that has been building up in the beauty box and how I use them. 


Drink Up

This mask is a 10 minuet face mask and it’s made to quench the first of dry skin. I love how light this feels once it’s applied and i use this one more regularly than others. I would kind of say that I use it as my normal day normal skin mask, something that I use when I am not expecting miracles or an over night transformation. Don’t get me wrong! This bad boy does exactly what it says on the packet and quenches my skins thirst. For me, why I’m have a skin crises I like to break the rules a little and mix it is with a couple of drops of olive oil.
Clear Improvements

This right hear, was my first experience of using a face mask. I had a little sample pot that I had gotten a trip to Covent gardens Origins when I was about 8 years old! I loved it! This has to be the most beneficial face mask I have ever used ever. (I think..?) it’s is a charcoal mask that basically sucks up all the oily grossness embedded into your pours. It is made from white China clay and, ahhhhh I just think it’s superb! I’m not sure how much more I can even say bout this mask as I feel I am being super bias, but if you want to try it out for yourself Origins often serve samples so grab one when you can and give it a try. I have pretty sensitive skin but this works a treat and leaves my skin looking and feeling flawless.


This mask is the newest in my collection. It is a refreshing face mask that is made to wake up tired skin. It has an icy cool feel and a gel like texture and sometimes feels as if you haven’t put enough on when apply it to your skin. However, it works beautifully and restores a natural glow after regular use. I probably use this one once every 6-7 days depending on how my skin looks (and how much sleep I have had!). I would recommend this as I do feel it works very well. I don’t often suffer from tired looking skin so it isn’t one that I turn to during needy moment. The smell is Devine and after a long working week, this mask, a cup of ginseng and a good movie could set anyone into relaxation. 

Outer Peace

There is nothing like a good cooling masque after an intense exfoliation. I use this after a busy weekend in the city, when I can just feel the air attacking the skin I’ve worked so hard for! It is literally perfect to use after quite harshly exfoliating away all those settling toxins from the city air. It smells like earth and trees and slightly like the sea… It smells great! This bright green face mask is destined to calm your pours down and settle down any slight redness after a good face scrub. 

Intensive Hydrating Masque
This transparent and thick face mask is only required to go on for 5-10 mins when used. It is a hydrating mask that does exactly what it says, it sure does hydrate alright. I like to mix and match face masks from time to time but this is one that I always leave out of the mix. Why? Because it literally doesn’t need anything else added to it. It hydrates well after applying the recommended thick layer. I actually sleep with this mask on sometimes as it is so thick (and slightly creamy in some way) that it feels like it takes a while to really sink into the skin. I enjoy using this mask and think it is worth the price.

 Tourmaline Charge Radiance Masque
The first time I used this, it was used after the exfoliator and face wash just before heading over to a girl friends make up free. When I arrived my friend and her cousin both stared at me and then complimented me over how amazing and radiant my skin looks. My friend even reached over and wiped my face after repeatedly stressing to her that I wasn’t wearing any make up! She couldn’t believe it and went and bought the whole line the following week. This mask is my wow mask, the ‘I’m ready for the world’ mask, my ‘I wanna be feel like a beaut queen today’ mask. In other words, it’s my favourite Aveda mask, ever. This mask works alone, combined with other Aveda products or combined with another mask, not that you need to mix it at all! It claims to smooth and refine all skin types and has a neutral aroma. Everyone in my house hold has different skin types and everyone does use it. It’s rich and creamy and has worked wonders for me after short term and long term use. 

I hope that this post can help as a basic guide to some of both Aveda and Origins wonderful face masks. I would always advise going in store and requesting for some sample sizes before buying just to see how you get on with the products. There have been a few hit and miss face masks in the past so I have resulted in using the few that I have already and also home made ones 🙂 

Love Shamar 


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